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The Sinagua Experience

"Bo will take you to an adventure through a series of attractions in and around Sedona. You'll experience first hand the famous "vortexes". Explore trails that will will lead you into caves, caverns and ancient ruins. You'll learn about the Northern Arizona geology and volcanic field and the Colorado Plateau/Four Corner World for the Native Peoples. You will learn of the Verde Valley community.

You'll follow the Human trajectory on this vast and most beautiful land going back in time over some 18 thousand years and further. You will learn about the Paleo peoples (Hunters and gatherers from pre-historic times. Mammoth, Saber-tooth Tiger, massive Bisons and other amazing super-sized beast), their descendants from the "basket-makers" to the "Clift-dwellers", known as the "ancient ones", The Sinagua People, and how they survive through time as Dry-Farmers.

You'll be walking the path of an ancient civilization.

You will understand how they survived a major volcanic cataclysm roughly a thousand years ago, becoming the modern Hopi. You will experience Hopi Land and its magic and lore. You'll visit Roanna Jackson, a Grandmother from the Walpi Village on top of the First Mesa. Roanna will be guiding us throu Canyons covered with pictographs and petroglyphs telling stories of her ancesters, the Sinagua People. We'll visit the Prophecy Rock, and to see traditional Hopi dances (schedule for week-ends only). And an up close and personal look into the world of the Hopi Art, and the magic of the Kachina Dolls.

At nightime you will experience bond-fire and storytelling with Bo, including Drumdreaming and Shamanic Journeys". 

The Sinagua Experience

Weekend, Week-long and 2 week custom packages available.

Please email Bo Montenegro for more information.

Bo Montenegro facilitates lectures and workshops on Tibetan Buddhism (Philosophy and Meditation) and the Hopi ways (magic, folklore and lore). Bo believes (says) that "the combination of these two ancient cultures and traditions are in fact a potent medicine to understand and to connect with the deeper part of self, and the enery field that surrounds us."